Jess Hillock Masters Invitational
Ventura College
December 1 & 2, 2018

Once you have verified your starting day and time please e mail Terry at and let me know that your are aware of your day and time. Phone number the day of: 805-320-5394
Boys 16 First Round Simi's Sunday 9am Finals Sunday Noon  
Kavin Phabiani   Sunday 9am    
Parker Lee Saturday 2pm      
James Perry Saturday 2pm      
Trent Chu   Sunday 9am    
Jack Oakes   Sunday 9am    
Boys 14 First Round Semi's Saturday 2pm Finals Sunday Noon  
Matthew Holtz Saturday 11am      
Kyle Abes Saturday 11 am      
Tristan Montecino Saturday 11 am      
Keanu Nakamura Saturday 11 am      
Rajeev Prasaad Saturday 11 am      
Micah Raulin Saturday 11 am      
Andre Lachany Saturday 11 am      
Andrew Fox Saturday 11am      
Boys 12 First Round Semi's Saturday 2pm Finals Sunday 9am  
Huck Young Saturday 11am      
Ethan Kang Saturday 11 am      
Ryan Slosson Saturday 11 am      
Luca Falvo Saturday 11 am      
Eric Schmidt Saturday 11 am      
Jason Kiang Saturday 11 am      
Tarumn Subramanian Saturday 11 am      
Cole Werner Saturday 11am      
Boys 10 First Round Semi's Finals Sunday Noon  
Nixon Liescheidt   Saturday 3pm    
Luke Nguyen   Saturday 3pm    
Dennis Saqui   Saturday 3pm    
Diego Aguilar Fox Saturday 1pm      
Adi Atluri Saturday 1pm      
Girls 16 First Round Semi's Finals Sunday Noon  
Victoria Zegers   Sunday 9am    
Tori Peterson   Sundaay 9am    
Bella Moga Saturday 2pm      
Shannon Sindle Saturday 2pm      
Jessika Viveros Saturday 2pm      
Jeannette Viveros Saturday 2pm      
Girls 14 First Round Semi's Finals Sunday Noon  
Lily Rose Lass Korzelius   Saturday 3pm    
Erica Wu   Saturday 3pm    
Kristi Ko Saturday Noon      
Taylor Levy Saturday Noon      
Geraldine Cabanban Saturday Noon      
Amy Stanley Saturday Noon      
Girls 12 First Round Semi's Finals Sunday 9am  
Shriya Alavarti   Saturday 3pm    
Danica Jedrzejek Saturday Noon      
Ava Schmidt Saturday Noon      
Peyton Lynch Saturday Noon      
Eileen Zhang Saturday Noon      
Victoria Chow Saturday Noon      
Kira Branson Saturday Noon      
Girls 10 First Round Semi's Saturday Noon Finals Sunday Noon  
Cookie Young Saturday 9am      
Jessica Popescu Saturday 9am      
Delilah Rizvu Saturday 9am      
Phoebe Joyce Saturday 9am      
Chloe Wang Saturday 9am      
Emi Yu Saturday 9am      
Brianna Popescu Saturday 9am      
Victoria Jivkova Saturday 9am